Battery Replacement

On average a car battery will last around 3-5 years, if it is no longer holding it's charge or the battery will not jump start, it may be time to replace it with a new battery. If your car battery seems to be dying much earlier than this it can be down to a number of things, for example: 

  • The battery isn't being charged as the car is not being driven enough 

  • The battery is being drained due to a vehicle fault  

  • The car is only doing short journeys 


Nowadays the majority of cars have a single maintenance-free 12-volt acid battery which is rechargeable however it can lose capacity, or even the ability to hold charge, over time. This normally happens during colder weather. If the dash lights are dim or flickering or your engine turns over slower than normal then your battery is probably quite weak and will need replacing.  

If you want more out of your batteries lifespan you should: 

  • Ensure that you regularly have the vehicle serviced so that an inefficient engine isn't putting strain on the battery. 

  • Don't leave the air conditioning, lights or radio on while your vehicle is not running as this drains the battery. 

  • Do drive your vehicle regularly so that the battery has chance to charge. 

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