Performance Tyres

Performance tyres were originally designed for use on racetracks, with sports cars and high-performance vehicles becoming more popular they are now built for the road with inspiration from the track.

When you have performance tyres fitted to your car, you’ll notice better handling and traction. High performance (H/P) and ultra-high performance (UHP) are popular with owners of sports cars and other high-performance vehicles, delivering an enhanced driving experience with uniquely designed tread patterns, special rubber compounds and rigid sidewalls.

Before purchasing high performance tyres from Robbies, here are some features and benefits:

Shorter braking distance
Performance tyres are built with wider surfaces and premium rubber compounds enabling a vehicle to stop quickly with less sharp braking and most importantly improving road safety.

Handling and Performance
The rubber on high-performance tyres is much softer than a standard tyre. This provides a smooth driving experience especially when driving at higher speeds. The rigid side walls provide better traction and grip on the road enabling your car to hug tight corners.

Precise steering
With the added grip of high-performance tyres, steering accuracy is greatly improved. This allows the car to react quicker, especially with newer car designs that use ABS Systems and highly sensitive steering and suspension systems.

Improved heat dispersion
Overheating can be a major cause of tyre failure especially when the tyre tread is beginning to wear High-performance tyres are manufactured using premium compounds which can resist heat build-up ensuring that tyres last longer.

Do I need high-performance car tyres?

Not every vehicle or motorist will suit these types of tyres. There are several things to consider before you make your purchase:

Compared to a standard car tyre, high-performance tyres can be costly, but if you want an enhanced driving experience then this might be worth your investment.

If you drive on dry roads during the summer months and want the added benefits of high-performance tyres on your vehicle then these may be worth the investment, however, you need to consider changes in seasons and change your tyres to coincide.

Whilst they can perform well in different weather conditions it should be noted that the performance of the tyre can be affected during colder months. Most premium manufacturers now have treads for Winter and All-Season to cope with different weather conditions.

Fuel Efficiency
Due to the softer compounds, this can lead to quicker wear than a standard economical tyre. This a sacrifice that you need to make when considering the benefits that you get with a high-performance tyre.

Robbies, Haverhill stock a large range of performance tyres which can be purchased for fitting online or you can call on 01440705505 for assistance.

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